Our dear guests


Our exclusive purpose and our wholehearted desire, through our exclusive offers, is your stay in AGNO* MOMENTS VILLA to become a motive in order to remind you pleasant sentiments and happy memories from your childhood and not merely that age. To overwhelm you with mental peace and intellectual exaltation like when you visit a favourite place. We hope our exclusive holiday packages to fill your heart and your mind with moments of enjoyment and nostalgia from your experiences in our villa, in our mythical Arcadia and our Greece.


We will offer our whole positive energy through our special offers in order to repay you with an unforgettable and adorable tone of rest and wellness, authentic Greek Arcadian hospitality, an honest quality and price relationship. You are welcome to come to us …. Your booking in our little paradise is guaranteed….. Welcome …. At your disposal …..  

Yours really sincerely

The Team of Your Magical Moments

MΑποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ΕΙΚΟΝΕς βιολέτας καρδιάments Villa Agno


Life is moments

Η ζωή είναι στιγμές

Life is moments

There are moments in our lives that feel like illusions. Moments that come and go lightning before we even get to understand them, record them in memory and suddenly we wonder if they really were. Life is full of such moments.

Moments that make you feel joyful, optimistic, lucky, loud, grateful, filled with happiness, serenity, liveliness.

Moments that you understand what is really worth it and give life meaningful. Moments that become experiences and memories, which you spend with family and friends, to whom you give and receive love.

It’s the moments that keep it as long as you keep them in mind and heart. Those that after a long time go back into memory and automatically create a huge smile on your face, illuminating your gaze and forgetting what you cared for until that moment.

Life is moments, feelings, memories, songs, tastes and colors. They are the people you love and everything that fills your heart and soul. Life is what we make it, so let’s enjoy it as much as we can.

Μαρία – Χριστίνα Δουλάμη  *** Maria – Christina Doulami