Jacopo  Sannazaro

Born in Arcadia god, Lykaie Zeus

please come to Arcadia.

I’m looking for salvation, my consolation

from the pain that bleeds my heart.

In Arcadia take me, dominating the world

and the peace of soul, fast give me.

Meet me with your son, Arcadas

the most groomed in the whole of Greece.

He Does impart power and vigor to me

to get rid of the horror of Nameses the wrath.

I’m going to meet your other son, Pana,

his eyes to see, the llamas and the shots.

To enchant me I want, to magnetize me

to forget the miseries that have tormented me.

I want to hear his flute

intoxicating shots to send to the wind.

Climb the rocks

in Arcadian canyons and ravines.

In the bright mountain the screech to pierce

worms and snakes to meet.

Put a company with Arcadian shepherds

to eat cheese made from lean meadows.

With the fairies you are beautiful to meet me

in their seductive nets to wrap me.

I hope somebody finds me to fool me

my saved heart to save, to heal.

To amaze me with her arcades of beauty

to redeem me from my morbid paralysis.

Far away to my erotic hunger

which I felt for my cousin Carmelina.

To forget her Jupiter Light, help me

near you take me, in Arcadia pull me.

At Mount Lykaion I want the healing to find

from my misery my passion, the guilty and the laurel.

And when that grace, Lykaie Zeus, you’ll do me

always live, never die.

Free rendering: Chrysostomos Krimpas (greek poet origin from Arcadia)



Lope de Yega

I was born, I grew up and I live in Spain

and I have never been able to see Arcadia.


Deep rivers, seas and mountains separate us

obstacles unsurprisingly, narrowly restrict us.


But if it’s foot and body, nature prevents it

the imagination the bold, dams does not know.


Free and unrestrained, they fly over them

and quickly, like lightning, the dream is chasing.


A dream that is attractive, full of charm

it catches me like a nebula, it takes me to Arcadia.


I may not have traveled with a horse or a boat

but a sense of Arcadian, I have long received.


Theocritus studies, from an early age

and cheerfully, the beautiful Arcadia.


Even Virgil, I had read a lot

with Arcadian descriptions, it had fascinated me.


The nature of the Arcadian, I have met with them

forests dense and impassable, like a snake I crossed.


The fir trees covered me beneath their foliage

I enjoyed the warmth, I grew their cool.


In the plumes of the Arcadians, I found divine peace

its temper temperate, passions have softened.


I saw flocks of sheep and goats to pass

beyond wolves calm, not to bother them.


Bears, cows and hares, nightingales and deer

all of them live harmoniously, with love and caresses.


I saw jackals and badgers, otters and hooves

ferrets and wild boar, to give their hands.


They were long gone, hostility and hatred

and their hearts filled with joy and love.


fairies slenders, around the rivers

they sound singing, hidden in the reeds.

But when they go out to the woods and start dancing

animals, humans and birds, enslave and enchant.


And when Panas started playing the flute

sweet sounds sent them, with a cool wind.


But as if they were watching him, they were all speechless,

they ran panicky, they entered into the forest..


The piggy-beard is lying down in the soil shameful

faint and perverse and despised.


With one rewetting, like a quiver jump

and his trashy beard, begins to dull.


In Lykaion I reflected, on the bright mountain

Jupiter, to be a trophy.


I saw him crouching, the awesome Zeus

in the modern world, but also in Arcadia.


I saw next standing in the right side

Arcada the firstborn, his overseer son.


Suddenly Lykaios Zeus stands, towards Mount Olympus

and left Arkada on the earth to reign.

The land is beautiful, the land is the goddess

Arcadas named her, she said: ARCADIA.


Always Arcadia, I will appeal to you

when the human bad, I want to avoid.


Live my Arcadia, thrive, thrive

those afflicted with affection, warm to encircle.


Indelible performance: Chrysostomos Krimpas

                                        (greek poet origin from Arcadia)



The Poussin handsomely engraves worship for Arcadia


Arcadia inspired, great artists

has offered many subjects, for the fine arts.


With the scriptures of the poets, Shakespeare, Goethe and Schiller

Arcadia became, a fairy tale thriller.


The worthy hand of Poussen, the painter’s Frenchman

composition was made on the slab of a tomb.


His worship for Arcadia, which he had in his soul

artfully revealed, with his painting.


A project that has inspiration, kind heart

labeled “Shepherds of Arkadia”.


Arcadian shepherd, the Poussen put a dead

inside a block, perfect painted.


On the gravestone he wrote a sentence

whoever walked up, hurried to read.


The phrase was “Et in Arcadia ego”

eloquently suggested: Arkadism I emit!

He wrote it in Latin, since in Italy

he acted and was initiated into worship for Arcadia.


In front of the artist, a group stood

of shepherds four, Patriots of Arcadia.


Their thought tormented, what did it mean?

this inscription, the grave engraved.


For everyone, great happiness

to have originated from Arcadia.


That was the point where they were looking

and when they discovered it, they joyfully shined.


This masterpiece, the art of the monument

from the past is kept in the Louvre Museum.


Visitors stand in front of and admire it

their worship for Arcadia, they rise up.


300 years have passed since then

the glory of the Arcadian, will remain eternal.


Let’s be inspired today, the local “shepherds”

and let them rise quickly, glorify the past.

All the pending issues, let us adjust

so that our Arcadia can regenerate it.


The glory of Arcadian, reaching the celestial

her dear children, to feel proud.


Then they too will enjoy the post-mortem

if given wholeheartedly, to the mother : ARCADIA.


So they will say to each of them: “Et in ARCADIA ego”

with my good works, like a light of Lycaius flick!


Chrysostomos Krimpas (greek poet origin from Arcadia)



From the Light of Arcadian,

I am illuminated and glimmer

with pride I exclaim :

et in Arcadia ego! (means : and I in Arcadia )